Onkur Sen

"The way to be is to do." Confucius


Corner Detection Algorithms

Winter 2015

I re-implemented the Harris and Shi-Tomasi corner detection algorithms. This was done as part of a project for CS 231A (Computer Vision) at Stanford University.

Road Trip Recommendations

Fall 2014

Using the Yelp Academic Dataset, I worked with Jocelyn Hickcox to implement an algorithm that provides restaurant recommendations for someone on a road trip given an origin, a destination, and various desired attributes. This was done as part of a project for CS 221 (Artificial Intelligence) at Stanford University.


Summer 2013
Python, D3.js

Using a dataset of flight volume between cities, I worked with Stanley Wang to create a mathematical model of disease spreading across a social network of locations using Markov chains and population models for Palantir’s Hack Week 2013. We tuned various paremeters to simulate diseases such as the flu or pessimistic situations like a zombie apocalypse.

Predicting Terrorism Attacks

Spring 2013

Using the Global Terrorism Database, I compared the effectiveness of different machine learning algorithms in predicting where and when terrorist attacks would occur. This was done as part of a project for PHYS 416 (Computational Physics) at Rice University.

TEDxRiceU Website

Spring 2013

I built and maintained the website for the annual TEDx event at Rice University.

Notes on Fundamentals of EE

Fall 2012

I prepared notes for TA sessions as a Course Assistant for ELEC 241 (Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering), taught by Don Johnson at Rice University.

All About Inverses

June 2012

I prepared a talk that gives a concise primer on linear algebra with a focus on invertibility and various approaches that can be used to determine if a matrix is invertible.

The Classification Problem

May 2012

I prepared a talk with that gives a quick introduction to support vector machines (SVMs) and kernel methods. In particular, I begin with a motivation rooted in Lagrangian mechanics.

Rice SAS Website

Summer 2011 - Spring 2013

I built and maintained the website for the Rice University South Asian Society. It has since been changed and refactored by the current officers.

Rice Catalyst Website

Summer 2011 - Spring 2013

I built and maintained the website for Catalyst, a student-run research journal at Rice University. The linked version (courtesy of the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine) is as of June 29, 2013, when the site was under my jurisdiction.

Notes from OSSM

Fall 2008 - Spring 2010
Pencil and paper

I went to the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics for my last two years of high school. This is a collection of notes from the classes I took there.

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