Onkur Sen

"The way to be is to do." Confucius

On Waking

Oct 9, 2010

The bubble of unconsciousness broke. Slowly, the world came back to me, albeit in a more frenzied form than when I had departed. This is not to say that the world had suddenly burst out of its usual serenity—no, indeed, I was the one emerging from my natural state, yet my senses blame the world as such. The heavy, pulsating breathing through my nose is the only constant thing in this otherwise chaotic world. The mind becomes restless, but the body remains staunchly defiant. Movements are lethargic, coordinations sloppy. Water accumulates in the eyes–not out of joy or sorrow, but because of this disturbance. A hint of dry mouth begins to noticeably manifest itself; water is needed.

A sense of warmth and protection surrounds me and instructs me not to move, but movements now serve another purpose and thus become driven to execute. A few sips of liquid cleanse and revitalize the mind, now regaining control of what it had lost—the body. The natural extension of the arms to the farthest confines of the body; breathing stops. The position is released; exhalation, causing an influx of freedom and awareness. Breathing becomes shallower until no longer noticeable, now just a regular reoccurrence in a more calm and larger atmosphere. Apologies, Schopenhauer: I have departed from my native condition and entered the realm of reality in consciousness.

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