Onkur Sen

"The way to be is to do." Confucius

Work Experience


Summer 2015
Ruby/Rails, C++, SQL

I was the sole intern in a team of around 25. I built an end-to-end pipeline for automatically crawling, extracting, vetting, and ranking news feeds. I also built an algorithm to cluster news articles based on similarity and relevance in article titles and contents.


Summer 2013 - Fall 2014
Java, Groovy, SQL

I was a Forward Deployed Engineer on the philanthropy team. I worked on many sectors therein including disaster relief, fighting human trafficking, refugee assistance, and veteran support.

Notable projects include:

Plum District

Summer 2012

I interned with the engineering team as one of the inaugural KPCB Fellows. I fixed the broken view of past offers in the business center and corrected the redemption mechanism of vouchers and deals. I also helped implement tracking mechanisms for Remarketing, Omniture, and Google Analytics.


Winter 2011-2012

My first exposure to the software engineering industry was a one-month “winternship” with the social team. I helped improve the relevance of how Facebook likes, ratings, and recommendations were displayed. I also removed cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities and implemented JavaScript escaping for text.

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