Onkur Sen

"The way to be is to do." Confucius

Writing and Creation

Mar 17, 2012

Writing is at once the most difficult and most rewarding of professions. It takes true mastery to put words on paper that truly reflect what you are thinking. In that sense, writing is an art, a skill that must be crafted, honed, and developed.

Writing is also something that we share once we have managed to codify our thoughts. Although the process of writing is one that occurs in isolation, the product is something that can proudly be displayed to the world.

Ultimately, the source of writing is an idea, that wonderful seed that is planted in the most fertile of gardens—the mind. Ideas drive any action, and writing is not different.

But now we see that everything that I have said is not just about writing, but rather about the task of creation. Creation begins with a sense of ownership: it tells you that something is distinctly yours and only yours. As Heidegger might say, creation brings forth something from the most hidden confines of your mind into Being, into its true form of existence.

Without creation, the world would be stagnant.

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